Transfinite take a very simple approach to software – if it makes you more productive you are more likely to use it. If your experience when you use it is enjoyable, then we think you will be happy to do business with us.

Visualyse products are feature rich - they match anything else on the market for technical excellence in their support for radio spectrum management, in particular interference analysis. You can read all about this in many guides, newsletter and white papers that are available to download from this site.

However, we are aware that the most powerful tools in the world are no use if the operator cannot wield them.

With software it is often assumed that you must compromise power for usability and vice versa – this is not the case. In Visualyse based products there is no compromise. Usability issues are addressed as part of the requirements definition and it becomes part of the core of the software.

In Visualyse Professional we have used an underlying model that is based on real world objects – this means that the structure of a simulation is familiar to an engineer the first time he looks at the software. Building new complex analyses is also made easier by use of Microsoft Windows interface components – which are also familiar to many people.

The result is that the software is usable out of the box – though the full power of the tool becomes apparent after some experience and study.

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