Transfinite Systems - Make Life Easier

Much of the work of the radio system planning engineer involves complex technical systems that require deep thought and much experience to plan. If only it was always this way.

It is inevitable that everyone will have aspects to their job that are routine – perhaps repetitive. Perhaps you have to understand thousands of link budget calculations in order to do a coverage analysis, or have hundreds of pairs of FSS carriers to cross check for a satellite coordination.

Through the ages, tools and techniques have evolved to make the numerical aspects of work easier – even more enjoyable. Number systems replaced tally systems, place value in number systems removed some calculational barriers, logarithms were better still. The invention of machines to do ‘number crunching’ was a major step and the increasing power of modern machines means that we should not really have much trouble with thousands of link budgets.

At Transfinite we feel we are continuing the tradition of making life easier and more enjoyable by providing software that lets you effectively apply the power available in a PC.

Visualyse based products make your life easier and leave you free to think about the really difficult parts of your problem. Our concentration on software usability is core to our philosophy.

Our graphics are not cartoons and are not just there to dress up the interface. They are an integral part of the way the data are presented and analysed. Nevertheless they add considerable value to the experience of using the software – as a radio engineer, planning new systems you will soon appreciate the power of great graphics that are directly linked to the numerical model of the system.

Usability is enhanced by our total commitment to after sales support. Consistently rated brilliant by our clients, the support you will receive will simply amaze you.

Our approach to consultancy is also based on making your life easier. As a small, but expert, group we remain flexible enough to respond to your requirement quickly. However, we can call on enough resources to handle the largest of projects.

The download section of this site contains detailed information about what our products do and information about the consultancy and service projects we have undertaken. The information contained there could keep you in reading materials for quite some time, but the bare facts do not convey our unique offering which is – we will make your life easier.