ITU-R and Transfinite Systems

Transfinite Systems has close ties with the ITU-R, having developed software products in conjunction with BR and provided technical inputs to the ITU-R Study Groups, CPM and WRC for many years.

Standardisation and trust in the results has been something we have tried to provide to our users since our first product, Visualyse Professional, was launched in 1995. The ITU-R provides an international framework for developing a common approach.

Because of this we closely follow ITU-R Recommendations. We include ITU-R propagation, antenna gain patterns, channels plans, thresholds and methodologies in products such as Visualyse Professional. The calculation methods for DT/T and C/I in Visualyse GSO follow the ITU methodologies in Article 8 of the Radio Regulations.

We monitor closely the changes to the Recommendations and actively update our products when necessary with the new technical specifications.

We also provide interfaces to databases published by the ITU, such as the IDWM, Terrestrial IFIC, and SRS / satellite IFIC including GIMS.

When you present a paper that has results from one of the Visualyse product range, your audience can be reassured that the calculation is based on something they understand and trust.

Visualyse Professional has been used in several hundred papers presented at ITU-R Working Parties and Study Group meetings. It is designed to solve many of the problems raised at World Radiocommunication Conferences.

We have analysed the output from the last five conferences, and have create an interactive browsable sections on the agendas for WRC 2027, WRC 2023, WRC 2019, WRC 2012, WRC 2007 and WRC 2003

We have been involved very closely on two specific software projects with the ITU -R. Both of these have included technical inputs to the development of ITU-R Recommendations and the subsequent implementation of these in software and the validation of the software by the BR.

We have a product known as Visualyse EPFD that implements the algorithm in Recommendation ITU-R S.1503 designed to check non-GSO FSS filings against the EPFD limits in RR Article 22.2. We have written an account of the background to this Recommendation and work carried out by JTG 4-9-11.

In addition, take a look at the story of the SCP, which describes how Visualyse Professional was evaluated and accepted by the ITU-R as being able to carry out the analysis required to determine the need for coordination between non-GSO MSS systems and the Fixed Service. Visualyse Professional was the only commercial package accepted in this way.