John Pahl

John Pahl has a Masters degree in Mathematics from Cambridge University and over 20 years experience in the Satellite Communications industry. John was a founding director of Transfinite Systems and led the development of Visualyse Professional and Visualyse Spectrum Manager.

John Pahl is recognised within the industry as an authority on spectrum management issues and in particular modelling the behaviour of radio communication systems. He has a track record in developing innovative solutions and new methodologies that can be used to manage and analyse compatibility between radio systems.

He has written papers on subjects related to spectrum issues which have been published in peer reviewed journals, and given presentations at industry conferences. He has chaired meetings at forums such as the ITU-R and participated in panel sessions and familiar within the wider industry at a global level. John understands how involvement in these bodies can assist in an organization's objectives, and how to develop a plan to manage an organisation's requirements.

John has led Transfinite’s Consultancy activities and has first hand, detailed and thorough knowledge and experience of:

  • Technical analysis, considering topics such as interference analysis, coordination studies, system design, radiowave propagation, spectrum efficiency, and spectrum occupancy;
  • Characteristics of a wide range of systems and services, from satellite (GSO, non-GSO, and HEO), terrestrial (including IMT-2000, FS, BFWA, WiFi, ENG, and UWB) and others including maritime and aeronautical;
  • Regulatory issues, including review of the Communications Bill that founded Ofcom, chairing ITU-R groups that developed Recommendations, detailed understanding of working practices of international forums such as CEPT and ETSI and their instruments including the Radio Regulations;
  • Management, leading a team and responsible for allocation of resources to projects.

John Pahl is the author of the book "Interference Analysis: Modelling Radio Systems for Spectrum Management” as described in more detail on this page.