Study Work

Transfinite consultants are world leading experts in radio engineering and interference analysis. We undertake studies on behalf of our clients world wide to study technical issues and generate reports of our findings.

These studies can address a very wide range of subjects, including:
  • WRC Agenda Items: studying what positions should be taken, evaluating new proposals, identifying possible solutions and the implications, possibly harmful, of any modifications to the Radio Regulations or introduction of new ITU-R Recommendations.
  • CEPT, CITEL, and APT Study Topics: similar analysis is required for regional organisations as part of the preparation of common positions for ITU-R work, and also for the development of regional agreements such as ECC Reports, Recommendations, and Decisions
  • Coordination: we can assist in the technical coordination of networks, both satellite and terrestrial, undertaking studies including interference analysis and checks against PFD levels, plus support at coordination meetings whether inter-operator, national or international
  • Licence application / variation: we can assist in undertaking studies to show that a licence application or variation (change of use) would meet the required technical criteria
  • Planning analysis: our technical work can also be used to undertake planning analysis, including assessing coverage, service availability, and impact on both of interference, whether co-frequency or adjacent bands
  • Defining licence terms: we have experience in the analysis required to define licence terms and assess suitability of alternative ways of defining them. We developed and specified the PFD based Spectrum Usage Rights (SURs) for a range of Ofcom licences used in recent auctions
  • Verification of licences: we can also use our tools to verify that a licence holder will meet or could exceed the technical constraints in their licence terms, including Block Edge Masks, PFD on boundary or PFD SURs.

We have experience in the analysis and technical characteristics of a very wide range of system types including FS (PtP, PtMP, MPtMP), Mobile (PMR, Tetra, GSM, 3G/WCDMA, WiMax, LTE), Broadcasting (DVB-T, DAB, DVB-H), Aeronautical, Maritime, Radiolocation, Radioastronomy, and satellite (GSO, non-GSO, HEO for broadcasting, mobile, fixed and space services).

We are able to undertake a very wide range of studies and use a wide range of methodologies, including development of new ones where required. We can produce simulation files, technical notes, reports, and present results to range of audiences from clients, regulators, and operators to at ITU/CEPT meetings.