Transfinite Systems can provide the full range of resources required to achieve your spectrum management or system design and operation goals. We have a team of experts with a range and depth of experience from the details of radio engineering to regulatory and policy issues. Overview of the background to our three main consultants, John Pahl, John Parker and Ian Flood, are given on pages that can be accessed via the links at the left of the page.

John Parker and John Pahl were founding directors of Transfinite Systems and the original developers of Visualyse. Both have extensive experience in the satellite communications industry.

One of the strengths of Transfinite is the availability of the world's leading spectrum management and interference analysis tools. We have direct and unrestricted access to any number of copies of Visualyse Professional, Visualyse EPFD, Visualyse GSO and Visualyse Coordinate. Together that provides Transfinite consultants with the ability to rapidly provide you with the results you require.

Our consultants have access to the key documents, such as the Radio Regulations, ITU-R Recommendations, ITU-R Working Group input papers, ERO Decisions and Recommendations, ETSI standards, and 3GPP documents. We have copies of ITU-R software products such as GIMS and IDWM.

We have a meeting room that can be used to provide a productive location for discussions, and our offices provide easy access to central London and Gatwick airport by rapid rail links.