PFD Mask Generator Tool

PFD Mask Generator Cover Image

The PFD Mask Generator Tool is an add-on to the Visualyse EPFD product.

It can be used to generate PFD Masks to meet the requirement of Recommendation ITU-R S.1503.

There are a number of different link design and antenna pointing options that can be used by non-GSO satellite systems, including:

  1. Steerable spot beams, either physically pointed or using electronic steering
  2. Fixed beam pattern of beams, which might be tilted and / or switched off depending upon geometry
  3. Single fixed beam which is either on or off, such as an isotropic, omni or isoflux antenna used for TT & C.

This tool can be used to model systems with options 1 or 3.

Satellite systems with a fixed pattern of beams can best be modelled using Visualyse Professional.

The PFD Mask Generator Tool uses a tabbed dialog to define all the parameters required, as shown in the figures below:

PFD Mask Screenshot 1

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More information is available in the Technical Note: Recommendation ITU-R S.1503 PFD Mask Generator Tool

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