Spectrum Management Services

We are able to offer spectrum management services via our secure web site running the Visualyse SM software. We can use this to provide spectrum management services to support you manage your spectrum – whether a single block licence or all the spectrum in a country.

Our software supports the licensing process for a range of classes including fixed, mobile, satellite earth station, broadcasting and radio astronomy based upon easy to use templates. This allows licence applications to be submitted over the internet and then checked and verified by our Visualyse SM technical examination.

Visualyse SM’s process control will route such applications into a job queue where you can approve or reject their licences, secure in the knowledge that all the necessary checks have been made.

Our Visualyse SM is able to manage any spectrum between 30 MHz and 100 GHz at any location, globally, from a secure site with controlled access and user verification. We can undertake database management from our centralised store including archival tasks.

This service could be provided to a wide variety of customers, including:

  • Those responsible for spectrum blocks, such as other owners of spectrum licences in the UK in the 10, 28, 32 or 40 GHz bands, taking over the onerous spectrum management tasks to allow you to concentrate on sales and marketing
  • Administrations in developing countries, where low volumes of licence applications make it unattractive to purchase a complete turn-key spectrum management solution. Rather it would be more cost effective to pay for spectrum management services on an as-required basis

We are able to offer a range of contractual bases, from fixed annual fee to pay per use arrangements. Contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.