WRC 2023 Agenda Item Details

Agenda Item: Agenda Item 1.11
Resolution(s): Resolution 361 (Rev. WRC-19)
Description of work:

This agenda item is to consider possible regulatory actions to support the modernization of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System and the implementation of e-navigation. WRC-23 is invited to:

  1. consider possible regulatory actions based on ITU-R studies taking into consideration the activities of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) to support GMDSS modernization.
  2. to consider possible regulatory actions including spectrum allocations based on ITU-R studies for the maritime mobile service, supporting e-navigation.
  3. consider regulatory provisions, if any, based on the results of ITU-R studies to support the introduction of additional satellite systems into the GMDSS

The ITU-R is invited to conduct studies taking into consideration the activities of IMO and other relevant international organisations in order to determine spectrum needs and regulatory actions to support GMDSS modernization and the implementation of e-navigation including the introduction of additional satellite systems into the GMDSS

Comments: Note that the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) is in the process of implementing e-navigation, defined as the harmonized collection, integration, exchange, presentation and analysis of marine information on board and ashore by electronic means to enhance berth-to-berth navigation and related services for safety and security at sea and protection of the marine environment. The IMO may evaluate new applications to recognize satellite systems as new GMDSS satellite providers during the WRC-23 study cycle and that this may also need to be addressed, as appropriate. WP 5B is invited to organize its meetings to facilitate contribution from experts in WP 4A and 4C.
Lead Working Party(s): WP 5B
Involved Working Parties: WP 4C
How Visualyse products can help: Visualyse Professional can model maritime systems including paths over water and to space. A range of modelling methodologies can be used including static and dynamic, and ship routes can be modelled by defining way-points of (lat, long, height) at specified times.
How Transfinite consultants can help: We can undertake studies including analysis of sharing between the station types (land, sea, space) and services covered by this agenda item, and identify suitable system characteristics and sharing criteria, and provide contributions and representation at ITU-R Working Parties. Using our in house Visualyse Professional we can quickly model a very wide range of systems, services and scenarios.
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