WRC 2023 Agenda Item Details

Agenda Item: Agenda Item 1.8
Resolution(s): Resolution 171 (COM6/7) (WRC-19)
Description of work:

This agenda item is to consider appropriate regulations with a view to reviewing and if necessary revising Resolution 155 (Rec. WRC-19) to accommodate the use of fixed-satellite service (FSS) networks by control and non-payload communications of unmanned aircraft systems

The ITU-R is invited to study:

  1. the technical, operational and regulatory aspects in relation to the implementation of Resolution 155 (Rev. WRC-19) taking into account the progress obtained by ICAO in the completion of SARPs on the use of FSS for the UAS CNPC links.
  2. to review No. 5.484B and Resolution 155 (Rev. WRC-19) taking into account the results of the above studies.
Comments: Resolution 155 (Rev. WRC-19) is a complex, containing 19 resolves, and the issue addressed relating to unmanned air stations (UAS) is the remit of two international organisations, namely the ITU and ICAO. ICAO is responsible for the Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS) and this AI links the two organisations via resolves 18 which calls for WRC-23 "to consider the progress obtained by ICAO in the process of preparation of SARPs for UAS CNPC links" and "to review this Resolution". WP 5B is invited to establish a new working group (WG) with responsibility for AIs 1.6, 1.7 and 1.8 chaired by a satellite expert.
Lead Working Party(s): WP 5B
Involved Working Parties: WP 4A, WP 4B
How Visualyse products can help: Visualyse Professional can model aeronautical systems including both UAS links communicating via satellite and other services including other satellite, aeronautical or ground systems. A range of modelling methodologies can be used including static and dynamic, and flight paths can be modelled by defining way-points of (lat, long, height) at specified times. We can also model services in adjacent bands and both co-frequency and non-co-frequency interference paths.
How Transfinite consultants can help: We can undertake studies including analysis of sharing between the station types (ground, Earth, air, space) and services covered by this agenda item, and identify suitable system characteristics and sharing criteria, and provide contributions and representation at ITU-R Working Parties. Using our in house Visualyse Professional we can quickly model a very wide range of systems, services and scenarios.
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