WRC 2023 Agenda Items for WP 4C

Efficient orbit/spectrum utilization for MSS and RDSS

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Agenda Item Description
Agenda Item 1.18

This agenda item is to consider studies relating to spectrum needs and potential new allocations to the mobile-satellite service for future development of narrowband mobile-satellite systems. The ITU-R is invited to:

  1. conduct studies on spectrum and operational requirements as well as system characteristics of low-data rate systems for the collection of data from and management of terrestrial devices in the MSS as described in the Resolution considering a) and limited to the basic characteristics in recognising c)
  2. to conduct sharing and compatibility studies with existing primary services to determine the suitability of new allocations to the MSS with a view to protecting the primary services in the following frequency bands and adjacent frequency bands: 1 695 - 1 710 MHz in Region 2, 2 010 - 2 025 MHz in Region 1, 3 300 - 3 315 MHz, 3 385 - 3 400 MHz in Region 2
  3. to consider possible new primary or secondary allocations, with the necessary technical limitations, taking into account the characteristics described in recognising c) to the MSS for non-GSO satellites operating low-data rate systems for the collection of data from, and management of, terrestrial devices based on the result of sharing and compatibility studies while ensuring protection of existing primary services in those frequency bands, and adjacent frequency bands, without causing undue constraints on their further developments

WRC-23 is invited to determine, on the basis of the studies conducted under the resolves to invite the ITU-R above, appropriate regulatory action