WRC 2027 Agenda Item Details

Agenda Item: Agenda Item 1.10
Resolution(s): Resolution 775 (Rec. WRC-23)
Description of work:

This agenda item is to consider PFD and EIRP limits for inclusion in Article 21 for the FSS, MSS and BSS to protect fixed and mobile services in the frequency bands 71 - 76 GHz and 81 - 86 GHz.

The ITU-R is invited to study PFD and EIRP limits to be included in Article 21 for FSS, MSS and BSS satellite services to protect current and planned fixed and mobile services in these frequency bands.

WRC-27 is invited to consider the results of the above studies and take necessary actions, as appropriate.


Article 21 contains a range of EIRP and PFD limits to protect terrestrial services from space services, often of the form of a PFD vs elevation angle table. Note there are already over 50 filings of non-GSO systems in these frequency bands, some from large constellations of satellites. In addition, there have been developments of terrestrial systems, with these bands being widely used for high capacity FS links.

Lead Working Party(s): WP 5C
Involved Working Parties: WP 3J, WP 3M, WP 4A, WP 4B, WP 4C, WP 5A, WP 5B, WP 6A, WP 7C, WP 7D
How Visualyse products can help:

Visualyse Professional can model GSO networks and non-GSO systems together with terrestrial service such as fixed and mobile. It can be used for:

  1. determining what is the impact of a GSO network or non-GSO system operating consistently with an EIRP and/or PFD mask on a terrestrial fixed or mobile service
  2. determining whether a specific GSO network or non-GSO system would meet a given EIRP and/or PFD mask

Visualyse Professional has been used in the past to study and develop PFD and EIRP limits in other frequency bands relating to FSS, MSS and BSS systems and includes (for example) a PFD mask object.

How Transfinite consultants can help:

We can undertake studies of both whether a PFD/EIRP mask would protect terrestrial fixed and mobile services and also whether a GSO/non-GSO FSS, BSS or MSS system would meet such PFD/EIRP limits. We can identify suitable system characteristics and sharing criteria, and provide contributions and representation at ITU-R Working Parties. Using our in house Visualyse Professional we can quickly model a very wide range of systems, services and scenarios.

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