WRC 2027 Agenda Items for WP 6B

Broadcast service assembly and access

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Agenda Item Description
Agenda Item 1.4

This agenda item is to consider a new primary allocation in Region 3 to the fixed-satellite service (FSS) in the space-to-Earth direction in the frequency band 17.3 - 17.7 GHz and to the broadcasting-satellite service (BSS) in the space-to-Earth direction, while protecting existing primary services in the band. Its resolves to protect radiocommunication services to which the band is allocated on a primary basis, in particular assignments contained in Appendix 30A.

The ITU-R is invited to conduct and complete in time for WRC-27

  1. studies on sharing between the FSS (space-to-Earth), the BSS (space-to-Earth) and the FSS (Earth-to-space) in order to consider the possible new allocations while ensuring the protection of existing primary allocations in the same and adjacent bands
  2. consideration of the application of Region 2 non-GSO FSS epfd limits in 17.3 - 17.7 GHz in Regions 1 and 3

WRC-27 is invited to consider the results of the above studies and take necessary actions, as appropriate.