WRC 2027 Agenda Item Details

Agenda Item: Not an agenda item 1
Resolution(s): Minutes of the Plenary
Description of work:

WRC-23 invites ITU-R to conduct technical studies on the epfd limits in Article 22, including the epfd limits referred to in No. 22.5K, in order to ensure the continued protection of GSO FSS and BSS networks, and to inform WRC-27 of the results of the studies, without any regulatory consequences. This work should not be submitted under agenda item 9.1.


This was the hottest topic at WRC-23 and it was not agreed as an Agenda Item. However there will be studies at the ITU-R on EPFD or alternative ways to ensure protection of the GSO FSS and BSS.

Lead Working Party(s):
Involved Working Parties:
How Visualyse products can help:

Visualyse Professional can undertake a wide range of studies to address this topic, including calculating the EPFD generated by a non-GSO system and also the Q/V band methodology used in 22.5L assessments using Resolution 770. It includes the ability to correlate rain loss using the propagation model in Recommendation ITU-R P.618 for accurate co-located downlink analysis. Visualyse EPFD can be configured to consider alternative EPFD thresholds.

How Transfinite consultants can help:

We are experts in EPFD related topics, having been involved in the generation of the current limits in Article 22 during the WRC97 - 2000 cycle and also the development of the algorithm for Q/V band systems in Resolution 770. We can provide technical support and undertake simulation studies, prepare inputs to ITU-R meetings and represent the work at ITU meetings.

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