WRC 2027 Agenda Item Details

Agenda Item: Not an agenda item 2
Resolution(s): Minutes of the Plenary
Description of work:

WRC-23 invites Member States to actively participate in the implementation of Resolution ITU-R 74 (RA-23) by submitting contributions to concerned ITU-R study groups and supporting associated technical activities to ensure the rational, equitable, efficient and economical use of the radio-frequency spectrum and associated orbit resources, with a focus on non-GSO satellite systems including the compatibility among systems.


This was another hot topic at WRC-23 and there was discussion about whether this was required given Plenipotentiary Conference Resolution 219 was also addressed by the RAG.

Lead Working Party(s):
Involved Working Parties:
How Visualyse products can help:

Visualyse Professional can undertake studies of non-GSO systems to identify how many could operate co-frequency without harmful interference. These studies can consider a range of orbits including LEO and MEO, frequency bands and directions of operations, including advanced features such as tracking strategies and power control algorithms.

How Transfinite consultants can help:

We are experts in modelling non-GSO systems operating in a range of frequency bands, orbits and services, having been involved in non-GSO since the company was formed in 1994. We can provide technical support and undertake simulation studies, prepare inputs to ITU-R meetings and represent the work at ITU meetings.

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